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Sean Folsom has performed at every sort of event - museums, conferences, school cultural events, festivals, parties, weddings and memorials, to name but a few. With his near-encyclopedic knowledge of his art and its history and cultural significance, as well as his eclectic and rich collection of instruments, he shares his enthusiasm for folk music, culture, song and dance with audiences of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Please look around the site using the links to the left, enjoy what is presented here, and feel free to ask questions about bagpipes, hurdy gurdies, folk music or whatever else here sparks a desire for information.

More Than Mere Entertainment

Sean enthralls his viewers and includes them in his performances, entertaining and enriching the people who see him play, sing and speak on folk music, the history and evolution of musical traditions, and musical cultures. There is something in his performances for everyone - visually, aurally and mentally stimulating his audiences while providing an enduring enjoyment.
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